No.21 Celtic Coast

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6 thoughts on “No.21 Celtic Coast”

  1. Ridden on 24th September for my 26th Lost Lanes Wales. I rode from the small chapel car-park in Llangloffan and logged 71km with just under 1000m of height gain.

    These are familiar roads to me after many summer holidays spent in this area. But their familiarity doesn’t detract at all from their attractiveness nor from the pleasure of cycling in this scenic corner of Wales. However, the 50km/h wind from the south did add an extra degree of challenge on the day I chose to ride; especially on the leg from Strumble Head to St. David’s!

    “Gair i’r gall” – Take a short detour out along the A487 from St David’s to try the grub (and grubs!) at But check their opening hours first as I managed to turn up on a day they were catering for a large private party and had no food to sell to a casual visitor. Still, the excellent Lemon Drizzle cake at Solva Mill provided some much-needed calories.

  2. My wife and I cycled this route during May 2018. A few miles beyond Solva, near the standing stones at Caerwen there is a great place for a cake and cup of tea. It is called the “Daisybus Gardens”. Sarah, the owner claims her special gardens lead to “a happier healthy you!”

  3. This route is awesome. There are a couple of steep climbs but nothing too scary. The descent down towards the Strumble Head Lighthouse is superb fun. I’d have never found some of these lanes to ride on my own. I’d recommend packing some sustenance as you don’t pass any shops or petrol stations, though there are a couple of pubs and cafes. I rode it in COVID times and popping into a pub or cafe wasn’t easy.

  4. Lost Lanes Wales is the first book I’ve bought of Jack’s. We live on the border with Wales so no better place to start. Initially I had thought that as we are both map savvy and orienteers and geographers we wouldn’t see a need to buy a book of pre-planned routes. I was wrong! Jack has given us the ideas and for the Pembrokeshire rides we made a three night stay over in a camper to try three of them. This one was wonderful. We’d spent the night on an organic farmer’s field with a north easterly wind buffeting the van and the lighthouse beacon beaming past every few moments. The good thing about the ride is it’s possible to start anywhere and with the aid of an OS map, tinker with some sections to suit. Hence we rode out to St Justinian for a lunch along the cliff top and back up to Strumble under a head wind via Mathry to visit the church and it’s original site possibly dating back to the sixth century. The contemporary tapestry inside, though not quite at the level of Bayeux, is an ingenious way to illustrate the settlement’s history.
    By accident we came across a great art and craft cafe in Trefin – Caffi y Ragna.

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