No.15 Around the Wight

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5 thoughts on “No.15 Around the Wight”

  1. An gently bump for instructions, as a long owner of this great book, finally getting to this route in a couple weeks time. A long shot I reckon, given how long they’ve been ‘coming soon’, but still.

    Love the book regardless, and much thanks!

    1. Hi Ben, slight problem here is that my pencil notes of the route directions from when I rode it have vanished somewhere in my office, so I’m going to have to hunt for them. Will try to find a solution soon. It’s quite an easy route to follow as there is already a ’round the Island’ cycle route with blue and white signposts. If you’re going print out a map from the website as backup until I get the turn by turns instructions sorted. Sorry about that. Jack

  2. Nancy Jane Tyrrell

    Hi any chance of the route directions coming soon. Have managed to print off a few other routes but not this one, yet.

  3. I have revised the route a little towards the end to take advantage of a new cycle route through Fishbourne, which is a great improvement. The map, GPX and PDF route directions are fully up-to-date.

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