No.15 Around the Wight


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10 thoughts on “No.15 Around the Wight”

  1. Hi Jack, will you be putting up the route directions soon? We are planning on doing this ride soon!
    Many thanks

  2. Hi Jack, planning to do this in the summer. Route directions coming soon (I know it’s been three years…)

  3. Hello Jack
    Planning to do this ride – looks great. am I missing something or are there no instructions?

  4. Hi Jack

    Will you be publishing directions for this ride? I know from the book the island is well signposted but I’m planning on riding this soon and would like to follow your route as a reference.

    Many thanks


  5. Hi Jack – Are there PDF route directions for this route? I’ve enjoyed many rides from your book and hoping to do this one (or part thereof) soon… but in need of directions!

  6. Please can we have a route guide as advertised in your book, I am new to cycling at 70 years old and need as much assistant as possible.
    My much younger brother is wanting me to ride around the Island with him so would like as much information as I need, I don’t want the young gun showing me the way!!

  7. An gently bump for instructions, as a long owner of this great book, finally getting to this route in a couple weeks time. A long shot I reckon, given how long they’ve been ‘coming soon’, but still.

    Love the book regardless, and much thanks!

    1. Hi Ben, slight problem here is that my pencil notes of the route directions from when I rode it have vanished somewhere in my office, so I’m going to have to hunt for them. Will try to find a solution soon. It’s quite an easy route to follow as there is already a ’round the Island’ cycle route with blue and white signposts. If you’re going print out a map from the website as backup until I get the turn by turns instructions sorted. Sorry about that. Jack

  8. Hi Jack!

    It seems like the PDF instruction is still missing from your website… Any chance we could have it soon ? 🙂 🙂
    Thank you!

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