Route information

To access online maps, printable route sheets and GPX files for Lost Lanes rides, you will need to find the web page address (URL) for that ride, in the corresponding book. In Lost Lanes Southern England they are found at the end of each ride chapter. In Lost Lanes Wales, Lost Lanes West and Lost Lanes North the web addresses are listed in the big table of ride information towards the beginning of the book.

Each ride has a four digit code which you need to add either to the end of this web address: (formerly


(the code for this ride is ’01vv’ – and the codes are always derived from the ride number and the ride name, in this case Ride No. 1 Valley of Vision will also work (these were the original web pages before the site was set up).

I am sorry if all this seems a bit complicated. I rely on people buying the books and this is why I haven’t published all the route information in a list here. If you have any trouble accessing the information, drop me a line.